Permaculture in Lidhem and Mariannelund

"Designing from a permaculture perspective is about systems thinking, starting from site specific conditions of the landscape around you, your garden and your local community. From the time and money you can invest, the way your live is organized and so on. You can make your own journey to a sustainable living at your own conditions, at your own pace. Just try to think differently, think for the future and think like nature. Like volunteer Marine always said when working in the garden ’it is easy, just do it’. "

Lidhem a place to reconnect - reading a book

Interested in permaculture, transition or active hope?

But not sure what it is about? Want to get some hands on experience or meet other people who share the same interest or worries? As a certified permaculture designer I am happy to share my experience, knowledge and ideas with you. Besides the permaculture design course I was a participant in Odlingsakademien and have worked with designprocesses for 3 year in  Odlings som Livsstil classes. I joined 2 Active Hope courses, based on Joanna Maceys and Chris Jonstones book, and was a participant in a Transition course. My interest for inner transition has grown during a course Självhushållerens inre resa. 

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