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As key parts of the ecosystems we ourselves must be part of the rewilding. Most people live lifestyles increasingly alienated from the natural world, to devastating effect. Our socio-economic systems are designed from a worldview of ecological disconnection, effecting all spheres of our lives – our lifestyles, resource use, buildings and urban design, transport, economic, education and health systems. How can I change this and regenerate not only healthy ecosystems, but also healthy human society and a healthy me? For me an important question is ”does the way I live support the changes I want to bring about?” What would your answer to the question be?

Lidhem BnB outdoor seating


I rarely have a boring day. Growing my own vegetables, thinking about how to get higher yields, better eco system health and finding ways to manage everything with minimum work and costs. Sensing the interconnectedness of all life.
I love to reuse materials while decorating my house and am considering solar energy and optimizing the use of water. And there is a lot more to think about and learn. 

Being selfsufficient is not a goal, it is only a way to learn, to become a better version of myself and to give me freedom.

Living in gratitude gives me the possibility to see with new eyes and to make better decisions, concerning a larger timeframe than my own life.

Move into action, turn your dreams into reality. Just do it. Want to try living on the countryside?  BnB Lidhem gives you the opportunity.


I would not say it is easy to be self-employed. But as I want to do meaningful things, take responsibility, have respect for people and earth and want to have fun being self-employed is maybe the easiest way.

My BnB gives me the opportunity to share my beautiful bit of earth with you, to motivate and inspire you to make changes, to think for the future. It gives me the possibility to meet people from different countries and cultures. It gives me freedom. 

The permaculture center is my initiative to offer courses, activities, a place for networking and demonstration related to permaculture. I came to a lot of new insights during the last years, after my move from Holland to Sweden.A lot of experiments and projecs failed. My planned projects are bigger than the time or money I have. So collaboration is essential from multiple points of view.

If you do not have a goal you don not know where you are going but the system how to reach that goal is just as important. The interconnectedness of making money, being selfsuffcient, having hobbies, responsibilities and a network. That is a puzzle. I solved it.


My 17.000 sq.m garden is divers. Soil, water, microclimates, landform, vegetation. Around my place there is forest, meadowland and fields. 

I am intrested in growing vegetables, both perennials and annuals in beds and in formal and dynamic forest gardens. I like the idea of alley cropping, growing vegetables between rows of trees and shrubs. Of having chickens between alley of trees, silvopasture. On some spots I need riparian buffers preventing nutritients leaking in the pond. On other places I can image a flowering meadow as the soil is poor and I prefer diversity instead of fertilizing those places.

I want to have closed cycles if possible. Using my own water, producing 60% carbon crops and fertilizers and I want to be able to turn waste into compost to avoid buying soil bags. 

It is all in my design. Partly realized.

Want to design your own landscape and want to know more about this way of system thinking? Do a permaculture introduction course or join me on a hands on day. Coaching is another possibility.  

film or book tips december 2022

En Nuestras Manos / In Our Hands: A beautiful film in 9 parts made by Ecology Action visualising everything I read about in John Jeavons book ’how to grow more vegetables’ wit the subtitle 'than you ever thought possible on less land with less water than you can imagine’. Click on the titel to watch in YouTube. 

part 1 an introduction
part 2 deep soil preparation
part 3 composting 
part 4 intensive planting
part 5 companion planting
part 6 carbon farming
part 7calorie farming
part 8 open pollinated seeds
part 9 a whole system approach

who inspire me the most? 

John Jeavons

Grow more vegetables than you ever thought possible on less land with less water than you can imagine. John is a leader in the field of Biointensive agriculture. John inspired me to become selfsufficient in compost by changing the crops, and number of crops, I grow.

john jeavons

Dave Jacke

Dave is a world class ecological designer, teacher and author of the acclaimed two-volume Edible Forest Gardens, my very first source of inspiration for my visions of paradise, a garden growing food, foder, fertilizer, farmaceuticels, fiber, fuel and fun.

dave jake
Looby Macnamara

Looby Macnamara

People & Permaculture & 7 ways to think differently widen the definition of permaculture. If we change our thinking, we can change our lives and the future. She really inspired me.

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein

Sacred Economics is about how the money system will have to change, and how it is already changing. The book is both philosophical, spiritual and practical.

Rob Hopkins

From What Is to What If, unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want. Without imagination, where are we?

Rob Hopkins

Stephan Sobkowiak

Stefan is mixing in nitrogen fixing trees and perennial vegetables among fruit trees to create fertility and eliminate the need for external inputs of fertilizers. Besides closing the cycle the self renewing fertility saves me a lot of work.

stefan sobkowiak
joanna macey

Joanna Macey

Active Hope, shows us how to strengthen our capacity to face the crisis, so that we can respond with unexpected resilience and creative power. Good atidude I think.

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and more...

Hillevi Helmfrid teacher Odling som livsstil, Holger Kahl Baskemölla Ekoby, Jonna Elfdahl GylleboverketJohanna Johansson Holma Folkhögskola

förening sesam logo

föreningen sesam

The association Sesam is a non-profit association that works to preserve the diversity that exists among the kitchen garden and field plants by the members growing seeds. I joined them in the end of 2020.

fobo ekologisk trädgård logo

fobo ekologisk trädgård

I am a member in FOBO, an association for a healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy people!

permakultur sverige logo

permakultur sverige

I am a member of the association of Permaculture in Sweden that promotes permaculture's vision of a sustainable society and works to adapt and develop permaculture to Swedish conditions.