Lidhem, a place to reconnect

“Climate activism is focused on the global, the general.
And yet, love is always specific.
We cannot love “the Earth”, because we cannot have a relationship with the planet,
any more than we can have a relationship with “humankind” —it’s too big.
But we can love the place where we are and the people who live there.”

- Ecotheologian Thomas Berry

Drone Permaculture Center Lidhem

Is Lidhem the place to be for you this summer?

being busy doing nothing

enjoy the silence, the bohemian feeling, fresh air and a clear conscience in the B&B on the beautiful Småland countryside. [READ MORE & BOOK]

busy being outdoor

Can you imagine making your outdoor dinner in good company with the forest and vegetable garden around the corner? 'Bli mätt på ett bra sätt’ I would say in Swedish. [READS MORE]

want  to escape the ratrace for good?

How do you see your future? Want to grow vegetables, keep chicken, bees, sheep and pigs or do you want to plant a forest garden? On a small scale or as a market gardener? Meet people from all over the world in your B&B or working togheter with volonteers? In Lidhem the possibilities are endless. [READ MORE]