Lidhem, a place to reconnect

“Climate activism is focused on the global, the general.
And yet, love is always specific.
We cannot love “the Earth”, because we cannot have a relationship with the planet,
any more than we can have a relationship with “humankind” —it’s too big.
But we can love the place where we are and the people who live there.”

- Ecotheologian Thomas Berry

Drone Permaculture Center Lidhem

Is Lidhem the place to be for you this summer?

being busy doing nothing

enjoy the silence, the bohemian feeling, fresh air and a clear conscience in the B&B on the beautiful Småland countryside. [READ MORE & BOOK]

busy being outdoor

Can you imagine making your outdoor dinner in good company with the forest and vegetable garden around the corner? 'Bli mätt på ett bra sätt’ I would say in Swedish. [READS MORE]

want  to escape the ratrace for good?

How do you see your future? Want to grow vegetables, keep chicken, bees, sheep and pigs or do you want to plant a forest garden? On a small scale or as a market gardener? Meet people from all over the world in your B&B or working togheter with volonteers? In Lidhem the possibilities are endless. [READ MORE]

Season 2023 - reconnect in the frontgarden, forest and nearby lakes

As we plan to sell the B&B we decided to simplify our lives and our business. That means we have limited opening hours and the domestic animals or vegetable gardens are no longer in place. But the beautiful surrounding with forest and lakes, the grillspot, outdoorseating and trampoline are still there. I am already looking forward to meeting you in this new setting, the freedom of simplicity. 

See you! 

PS the bookingsystem will open for booking early spring 2023