lidhem - a place to reconnect

time for a change

Thanks for a great summer in our B&B! We take a little break and reopen next year with weekly rental of apartments and holiday home. The website will be updated as soon as we have more details and pictures of the new concept.

If we on the other hand find someone who will continu the B&B we will be happy to ’retire’ and continue with our other plans and dreams.
Click here for more info on the page paradis for sale.

“Climate activism is focused on the global, the general.
And yet, love is always specific.
We cannot love “the Earth”, because we cannot have a relationship with the planet,
any more than we can have a relationship with “humankind” —it’s too big.
But we can love the place where we are and the people who live there.”

- Ecotheologian Thomas Berry

Drone Permaculture Center Lidhem

being busy doing nothing

Enjoy the silence, the bohemian feeling, fresh air and a clear conscience in the B&B on the beautiful Småland countryside. [READ MORE & BOOK]

permaculture -'active hope'

How would you redesign your life, garden or livelihood? In Lidhem we have experimented with vegetable gardening, domestic animals, forest gardening etc. Our current focus is on changing mindset. We hope for a better future in an active way. [READ MORE]

busy being outdoor

Lidhem is located between forest, fields and lakes. We have a nice outdoor seating, grill spot and trampoline. Lidhem is situated close to Astrid Lindgrens Värld in Vimmerby, the coast in Västervik and the wooden town Eksjö. [READ MORE]

…..or do you maybe want to live here for the rest of your life

Do you dream about a quiet, peaceful and sustainable life? Combining work, vegetable gardening and outdoor activities? Spending more time with your family? Want to keep bees, pigs, sheep and chickens? Become a market gardener? Lidhem offers a lot of possibilities. It is for sale…. use the link for more information. 

or us it is important that we sell to the right people, to people that support the permaculture ethics - earth care, people care and fair share.

More information: property for sale